Happy Halloween

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Trick or treat time! Well, mainly treat!

Since I am not really into sweets or dessert, I opt for something hearty! And nothing can be more hearty than a winter pie!

This is my new experiment for Halloween and technically I just put together whatever veggies I found in my fridge and food cabinet, got a pumpkin from the store and bake away!

I am surprised that it worked so well! 

The quinoa and beans are good source of protein while the pumpkin and carrots are good source of vitamin A! For those who haven't heard of Sea Buckthorn, it is a Superfood, or should I say "super-fruit" that contain the rare Omega 7, other than Omega 3-6-9! Its level of vitamin C is a lot higher than an orange while also loaded with other antioxidants. That's why it is used as an ingredient in some skincare products.

I wasn't meant to add the Masala spice originally but saw it sitting at the back of my food cabinet. I am so glad that I added it in! The sweetness from the pumpkin works really well with the mild spicy taste of the masala!


As this is the first time that I made this, I am not sharing the recipe just yet until it's perfect.

But these are the ingredients if you are interested:

1. Organic Quiona

2. BERRYFECT® Sea Buckthorn powder

3. Vegan cheese

4. GF Breadcrumbs

5. Pumpkin

6. Organic Pumpkin Soup (GF and vegan)

7. Organic Vegetable Broth

6. Chai Masala spice mix

7. 1 can of organic black beans

8. Frozen veggie mix (corn, pea and carrots)

9. Salt & pepper

10. Organic button mushroom

11. Oregano 

12. 2-3 vegan flax eggs

13. Handful of mini carrots

14. garlic


Stay tune!

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