Holiday in Kagoshima

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I went to Kagoshima with family for a couple of days to celebrate my dad’s birthday and I have to say that the highlight of the trip was really the Kaiseki Ryori in Kagoshima Shiroyama Hotel. 

Living with allergies and special dietary needs throughout my life, of course, I have learnt to pre-book everything especially when it comes to celebrations and dining with a group. So prior to the trip I have already informed them that I need a gluten-free, vegan and pineapple-free diet.

Everyone knows that it’s extremely difficult to be on GF diet in #Japan and if you are vegan, people simply would shake their heads and tell you that they are sorry, LOL!


This is what SUIREN in Shiroyama did! 


#VEGAN #GF #OMAKASE! A big shout to the Chef and do pay a visit next time you are in #Kagoshima!

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