Golden Chaga Latte

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I am sure that you've all heard of the "Golden Milk". Well...this one is better!

This is...the hybrid! 

It's basically a fusion of golden milk, coffee and Chaga tea! Plant-based version of course! It gives you the "pick me up" in the morning while giving you the benefits of Chaga Tea and golden milk! 



1. nordicnordic Cinnamon Chaga tea

2. Soya milk / any plant-based milk of your choice

3. Turmeric powder

4. Filter coffee / Espresso

5. Mini electric milk foam maker



1. Make some espresso - you can also use filter coffee but I prefer the intense coffee flavour from espresso

2. Microwave the plant-based milk for 1 to 1.5 minute. 

3. Put your Chaga tea bag into the warm "milk".

4. Use your mini electric milk foam maker to foam up the milk with the Chaga tea

5. Pour your espresso in and ENJOY!


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