About Us


NOLLA represents a “free-from” concept. A unique one-stop online store solution for people with known allergies and intolerances, those seeking the benefit of gluten-free lifestyle and anyone who enjoys delicious natural food .


“NOLLA” means “0” in Finnish. The brand stands for a minimalist concept and live by these values:



Our co-founder Doris has always suffered from numerous allergies, and understands how difficult it is to live a gluten-free allergy-free life in Hong Kong. Doris also follow Vegan diet and we against any animal cruelty. 

NOLLA was found to introduce a one-stop allergy friendly shopping experience in Hong Kong. We also provide a concierge service by a Registered Dietitian if you need extra help when choosing our product. 


We source premium products that are natural, gluten-free, preservative-free and suitable for vegetarian and vegan whenever possible.

Each of the products on our site are clearly labelled to highlight the allergens that each is “free – from“, so that our customers  can make informed healthy food choices with minimal effort



It is of utmost importance to us that we, the founders of NOLLA,  are happy with the quality of the products offered here and that is why we have only selected brands that we regularly enjoy using ourselves