100 % Cold-pressed Organic Sea-Buckthorn Juice - THE NOLLA ASIA LIMITED
100 % Cold-pressed Organic Sea-Buckthorn Juice - THE NOLLA ASIA LIMITED

100 % Cold-pressed Organic Sea-Buckthorn Juice

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Product Highlight: 

  • Sea-buckthorn from organic certified Finnish & Western European countries. 
  • Cold-pressed in order to preserved as much nutrients as possible.
  • A bottle of 500ml juice is made with 1400g fresh berries.  
  • Just 50ml once per day is equivalent to taking 140g fresh berries. It taste the best by adding coconut water. 
  • Nutrient-Rich with high antioxidative vitamins, it contains 12 times more Vitamin C than orange. It's high in vitamin E and anthocyanins. 
  •  Contain all essential fatty acids, including Omega 7, which is known to be great for skin health.
  •  Contain Vitamin B12, which is essential for vegetarian and vegan. 
  • The juice have been cold-pressed and pasteurized, a production method that preserves the healthy nutrients in the berries.


Pure 100% Organic Sea-Buckthorn 

What is Sea Buckthorn?  

Sea Buckthorn is definately worthy of the title of 'superberry' as it has the higheset nutrients content of all the wild berries. It is rich in vitamin C and E, fibre and essential fatty acids.It contains over 190 bioactive compounds which are essential for good health and has been long use as a natural remedy to stimulate the digestive system, enhance heart and liver health, and treat skin disorders, including eczema. 

Weight: 500ml

Product Origin: Finland

About This Brand:

Kaskein Marja Oy was founded in Finland in 1981 and is still run by the found family. High quality is one of our main values. That's why we only use the best possible Finnish ingredients. We cherish the age-old, wise culinary cultures of Artic region, aiming to produce pure, healthy and tasty products. 

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